PSN Still Down: You Get What You Pay For

Xbox Live is starting to look REAL sexy right about now to PS3 users who have had to go without the use of online entertainment for almost a week worldwide (5 days to exact). With online fan favorites like Killzone 3 and the recent released Portal 2, SOCOM 4 and Mortal Kombat which all offer a compelling online experiences, now have been reduced to nothing more than a limited piece of software due to Sony’s online misfortune.

The latest update from Sony’s official blog states that the service will need to be rebuilt due to outside influences and attacks. When will the service be back up is anyones guess. While the PSN service has been free since it’s initial release, today the service offers a paid subscription service which many of you are members of known as Playstation Plus. Unfortunately this paid exclusive service is currently out of commission.

There have been rumors that a member of the anti-Sony group, Anonymous, may be behind this attack, but let me ask you who have already paid for their Playstation Plus service, do you really care about the how this happened (It’s not like you can do anything to fix the problem in the first place)? Or are you more concerned with getting your money’s worth. Paying for a service is something Xbox Live members have been criticized for for quite sometime as the Playstation Network has offered a free service featuring many of the same services found on Xbox Live. Nevertheless, today while millions of Xbox Live users enjoy the entertaining multiplayer experience of the Gears of War 3 beta, Playstation Network does not exist – ouch!.

Call it a hack job or not, in the end it seems you get what you pay for.

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