PSN Hack Costs Sony $171 Million

And who said hacking is a cheap gig? Sony Corporation has revealed that an estimated cost of 14 billion yen ($171.2m / £106.1m) can now be attributed to the PSN hack-attack or as Sony eloquently puts it, the “external intrusion” on PlayStation Network last month.

As millions of you already know, the Playstation Network was illegally infiltrated some 4 weeks ago resulting in millions of PSN accounts being compromised with accounts totaling some 100 million as SOE (Sony Online Entertainment was also introduced to the hack headache.

With reports in February 2011 showing Sony positioned to record a record profit of 70 billion yen, during the same period, do to unpredictable misfortune experienced a net loss of 260 billion yen for the entire 2011 financial year.

Just an accident, I think not.

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