Gamescom 2011: Devil May Cry Action Trailer & New Screenshots

Capcom brings their upcoming Devil May Cry title to the forefront at Gamescom 2011. Displaying some intense images from the latest screenshots and a vintage-style gameplay trailer of Dante in action. Based on the this new look of Dante, this is certainly a new direction for the franchise. Let’s hope developer Ninja Theory can nail this one.

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  • I think it’s cool that they are trying to reboot this series, but I’ve got to say… I’m kind of disapointed in the screenshots and trailer.. These aren’t the best graphics I’ve seen in a Devil May Cry series.. Maybe I’m missing something, but I sure hope Capcom can pull it together for the final game! Am I missing something? Maybe the story is so good in the remake that they don’t need super good graphics… We shall see..

  • Like yourself I am concerned about the direction Capcom and Ninja Theory are taking the series. The visuals aren’t spectacular however, the gameplay action displayed in the latest trailer does excite me. If developer Ninja Theory can connect gamers like myself who are DMC loyalist to this new Dante as well as offer an attractive plot and twist, we should be in good hands. Our fingers are crossed.

  • Ok. So I have watched this trailer a few more times, and I must say.. You are right Derrick. The gameplay is actually very similar to the original. The graphics aren’t the greatest, but I should know you can’t judge a game with it being a ways away before it’s release date. I’ve been a huge Devil May Cry fan since the first game came out nearly 10 years ago. I guess I’m just a little bitter it’s not the same old Dante! 🙂 I’m sure it’ll grow on me.

  • Please don’t feel bad. When I first saw the new look of Dante, I seriously grabbed my head, walked out of my office and made some phone calls. I just didn’t agree with it. I also felt cheated with DMC4 when Nero was introduced as the main protagonist. I just wanted to experience an amazing DMC1 like kill-fest of action in an amazing universe with eye-poppin visuals. With todays hardware, so much can be done and I don’t believe Dante needs a gimmick. He’s a powerful character which needs as much developmental nurturing as Kratos, Zelda, Samus, Masterchief and the rest of the industries iconic characters which have shaped this industry.

    I must also add that I am however excited that Ninja Theory will be offering the white haired Dante in the new title. At what capacity, I’m not sure just yet. If you look at this action trailer again you can catch a glimpse of the white-haired Dante in action.

  • Oh man… That is freaking awesome!!! I’m glad that they are at least paying tribute to the white haired Dante. I am looking forward to seeing more gameplay footage. One thing I also need to get into my head is that this the younger Dante. Maybe in the future DMC titles that Ninja Theory releases, they will explain how his hair gets white. Only time will tell!

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