Cloud Gaming On The Rise With USA Conference

Cloud Gaming is seeing increased investment from all quarters. GameStop made headlines with their acquisition of Spawn Labs while the most recent addition, Happy Cloud, offers a new form of cloud gaming where latency doesn’t slow down the service – streaming data rather than video.

Against this background the world’s first Cloud Gaming conference is kicking off in 2 weeks’ time in San Jose and leaders from major publishers, telcos and platforms will all be in attendance.

Cloud Gaming USA is bringing together a focused group of the industry’s top executives to discuss the obstacles and opportunities presented by Cloud Gaming. Keynote speakers at the two day event will include Nolan Bushnell (Founder, Atari), Tony Bartel (President, GameStop), Brian Farrell (CEO, THQ), Richard Hilleman (Chief Creative Director, EA) and David Perry (CEO, Gaikai)

Alex Manessi, the director of the Cloud Gaming USA Conference & Expo, commented: “The demand for a high-level Cloud Gaming meeting in U.S was staggering. It’s incredible that there isn’t a conference out there for a rapidly evolving industry bursting with new players, investment and innovation. I’m especially pleased that we have large groups of publishers, developers and tech players. Meetings are already being confirmed and we will see first-time partnerships confirmed at the conference’’.

The 150+ executives are set to come together in San Jose on September 7-8. The companies include:

Activision, Alienware, Amazon, Atari, Comcast, EA, Gaikai, GameStop, G-Cluster, Konami, LG, Microsoft, , Verizon and VISA.

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