Bodycount: Go Behind The Bullet With Co-op & Multiplayer

Revealing Bodycount’s co-op and multiplayer modes in action, Codemasters today released the final video in the ‘Behind the Bullets’ series. Featuring insight from key development team members and all-new explosive gameplay footage.

Featuring the same outrageous gunplay and environmental ‘shredding’ of the single player story mode, Bodycount offers two player online co-operative play and deathmatch and team deathmatch modes for up to 12 players, which let gamers literally tear the game world apart as they fight. As Network operatives in the co-operative mode, players must survive waves of Bodycount’s class-based enemies which become increasingly difficult as they progress. In the game’s adversarial modes, players must collect Intel from downed enemies to unlock new weapons and temporary upgrades to gain the upper hand over opponents as they fight for domination of the battlefield.

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