Urgent Fury Revolution Tournament Announced (Resistance 3)

Urgent Fury and BradyGames present Urgent Fury Revolution. Revolution is a Resistance 3 tournament designed to give teams of six players an enhanced experience competing online in a cheat free and respectful environment. Each team will battle it out online in four versus four matches, earning points to determine their seed in Championship tournament to be held the week of December 26th, 2011. The grand prize will be announced at a later date.

To be eligible to compete in the championship tournament, a team must complete at least one of the three week pre-qualifying events. These are scheduled as follows:

September 19th – October 7th

October 10th – October 28th

October 31st – November 18th

November 26th – December 16th

Each match will have a scheduled map and mode assigned so that players can experience the variety of features offered by the Resistance 3 online multiplayer environment. These matches are played at 9 pm central standard time on select weeknights. Having a six man roster allows for teams to adjust around any scheduling issues their members may have. Additional information can be found on the Urgent Fury Resistance 3 Tournament Portal at www.urgentfury.com/endofdays.

Revolution also serves as an evaluation for teams to gain the eligibility to compete in Urgent Fury End of Days, an invitation only TacMap tournament to begin in January 2012. The patent pending TacMap tournament is based on the classic board game Risk, where teams compete for thirteen weeks attacking and defending to take over all of the territories of a designated map while using online game play instead of dice.

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