Resistance 3 Review – A Non-Stop Thrill Ride!

A Non-Stop Thrill Ride!

Nathan Hale, the military hero from games past is no more. Left behind, Hale’s blood works as a vaccine against the Chimeran virus as a final act of heroism. Now 90% of the worlds population is occupied by the Chimeran threat. What’s left of the world are the scattered remains of a time long gone with the few remaining survivors taking shelter underground.

Enter Joseph Capelli, the man responsible for the death of Nathan Hale (Play R2) who now with wife and child leads a group of survivors against the impossible Chimeran threat.

Let’s just get the go ahead and get the obvious out the way, in the world of video games Resistance 3 is nothing short of epic.

If you own a PS3 you must experience this epic struggle for survival which Insomniac Games has masterfully created. Resistance 3 takes all the added strength of a summer blockbuster movie and interactively places you in the middle of what sometimes feels like a live-action, frantic paced experience you wont soon forget.

With an interactive comic book style ala inFamous, the universe of Resistance 3 and it’s introduction is portrayed, detailing what becomes an alien invasion of epic proportion. As a quick snapshot into the previous installments, reminiscent encounters with the chimera are echoed with aliens forcing helpless humans into converter chambers where a metamorphosis takes place changing them into the chimeran beast. A flash of Hale is also shown as he fires off a deadly round puncturing the heads of three aliens in up close and personal fashion.

From the outset you are in believable and hopeless world of struggle. Living underground certainly has it’s advantages as these survivors make do with what they can salvage. Men, woman and children try to find peace in the middle of this chaos. Mothers read uplifting stories to children, make shift bathrooms are but a whole in the wall and some lie around tired from previous battles while others are not so lucky with missing limbs. There is no peace of mind in the middle of this struggle yet these survivors appear to do there best to hold on to what they have.

Upon entering your first firefight after a brief time at the range and you get but a glimpse of what lies ahead. Resistance 3 takes you through 20 chapters, covering over 1000 miles heading you straight to the Big Apple and the heart of darkness.

With every intension of making you feel overwhelmed by the intimidating odds, the gameplay in Resistance 3 blends a well paced and immersive journey around a rewarding combat system. If you’ve played the previous games in the series then you should be right at home with Resistance 3.

When it comes to creating sci-fi weapons, Insomniac Games is one of the best in the business. Returning to lay waste to more chimeran scum, Capelli starts out with the classic ‘Bulleyes’ rifle and ‘HE .44 Magnum’. Introduced in Resistance 2, the HE .44 Magnum displays a wonderful mix of handgun power and a explosive punch you will indeed find useful in later chapters. Each newly acquired weapon offers a video demonstration on usage for good measure taking a page from District 9. The more you effectively utilize your weapons the more they are individually upgraded giving them an assortment of enhancements. For example, the Marksmen sniper rifle has a punishing secondary firing option. If upgraded effectively, not only does the weapon take on a new cosmetic form, the secondary firing option is enhanced to operate quicker and more effective.

Again, each weapon takes on a new and improved quality, giving them their own personality. Resistance 3 throws a plethora of gunplay scenarios your way so none of those great weapons go to waste. Need to bring down a dropship or an intimidating number of enemies, introduce them to ‘Wildfire’, a devastating chimeran rocket launcher with a secondary firing option as well. Need to see and shoot through walls, the ‘Auger Mark II’ enables you to kill your enemy without them knowing your position.

From the Marksmen, Rossmore Shotgun, Cryogun, Deadeye, M5A2 Folsom Carbine, Sledgehammer (yes, like the one in Red Faction: Guerrilla) to the Mutator, various grenade types and my favorite, the Atomizer, you will have a field day playing with your new toys of destruction.

While I didn’t find it difficult to put down a number of enemies during firefight encounters, sheer numbers is where is the enemies true strength was found. Going guns blazing and you’re asking for a early dirt nap. While Resistance 3 does not offer a cover system you don’t miss it. Play smart and let the weapons do the work, especially when outnumbered. As you travel into deeper chapters the enemies become more numerous and smarter. Playing Resistance 3 cooperatively and you don’t want to go back to playing an FPS alone. My time spent playing through the campaign in single-player was an absolute BLAST! Yet, in co-op it felt perfect as level designs complimented the experience. Of course it doesn’t get any better than playing through a robust co-op campaign with your best bud nevertheless, regardless of how you approach the Resistance 3 experience, you know you were on a wild ride.

Another feature in the game that really stood out was the sprint mechanic. Sprinting in games today is a normal occurrence but sometimes there are those games which take almost every component of their gameplay experience and push the limit. In Resistance 3, while remaining in first person view as you sprint, you will immediately notice that the surrounding area comes closer to your line of sight with a small added pace of movement creating a sense of tension. This all makes sense when you’re either running for cover from building to building as all hell is breaking loose around you or when you are made to carry an important piece of equipment and you have to high tale it out of harms way as this behemoth size spider like chimeran demolishes everything in sight. Moments like these are plenty and boldly add to the experience.

Throughout your journey you will come across audio journals from random survivors who have either met their fate or are no where in sight. Some audio journals are simply too sad and without hope further adding doubt to your already impossible endeavor.

Visually Resistance 3 does it right for the theme in which the landscape is portrayed. Where normal weapon textures and objects within the universe are sometime plain or just graphically decent, the overall presentation is grand in scale with believable and life-like weathering effects to create the mood. Human character models have a unique art style which are distinctly separated from the alien models. Enemies have varying soldier types all looking identifiable among their peers. Much detail has gone into what makes the experience better and not so much the inside of a demolished car.

Abandoned buildings, underground tunnels, chimeran invested subway and all the other nook and cranny locales among your travels are highly detailed. Even your brief time in a Pennsylvania prison while an interesting change of events is rewarded with great visuals. Bridging gameplay and story, beautiful cut-scenes give a compelling touch to the experience. For a more intense side to the visuals, shoot an enemy in the head with a Marksmen rifle and half the head or no head remains while the body is left squirting out blood from it’s extremities before falling to it’s knees. Up close Rossmore shotgun wounds leave body part remains scattered with blood trails. If you want a real mood changer, after taking out a few enemies try standing over an enemy to see what your your weapons are capable of, just a suggestion, very detailed indeed.

Taking Resistance 3 online and you’re introduced to a whole new and addictive experience. Resistance 3 include a progressive leveling system giving the user reign of how they want to progress with unlock points, classes and custom loadouts. These same classes and loadouts are also available in cooperative mode as well given players their own unique abilities and weapons.

Unlike R2, the number of players online has now been reduced from 60 to 16 in order to offer what feels like a more intimate and flexible experience over the previous offering. Resistance 3 multiplayer just feels less chaotic than before. Players can comfortably tackle any of the five multiplayer modes including: Team Deathmatch, Chain Reaction, Deathmatch, Breach, and Capture the Flag with some maps not taken from the campaign. Multiplayer maps are also quite diverse with the Fort Lamy Prison map and the Seaside Glamorgan map as some maps are depicted from locations around the world adding some authenticity to the multiplayer component. Killstreak unlocks, addictive weapon upgrades with those great secondary firing options along with a new perk systems for added weaponry and loudouts and Resistance 3 has a multiplayer experience which PS3 gamers will be immersed in for months.

An emotional blockbuster thrill ride is at every corner of Insomniac’s latest PS3 shooter. While previous games in the series were great, Resistance 3 improves upon them with an extra dosage of awesome for good measure. Again, the game is great no matter how you look at it. Thoroughly covering all it’s bases in single-player, cooperative mode and multiplayer, this is a must-buy title that never let’s up. The credits are rolling and the game still has you in the middle of the action.

Bravo Insomniac!

Review Score: 9.4

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    Just started the campaign on this game yesterday on split screen with my bro, played it 5 hrs straight, went to sleep at 2 am, now Im dragging ass

  • Lol! Great games tend to have that effect on us hardcore gamers. Hope you enjoy the rest of the experience, it’s a great one.

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