Deus Ex: Human Revolution – ‘The Missing Link’ Review

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – ‘The Missing Link‘ is arguably the best DLC of 2011 and for good reason. With over 5 hours of gameplay added to the Deus Ex: HR experience, fans of the hit title have no choice but to expand their knowledge by finding out just where Mr. Jensen was taken when he was mysteriously taken off the grid after the events which took place at the Belltower docks.

Still on the beating path of finding the whereabouts of Sarif industries scientists, namely Megan Reed, (spoiler alert) Adam Jensen stumbles upon a lead via triad gang leader Mr. Tong Si Hung thus setting in motion ‘The Missing Link’ – DLC.

Prichard: “Adam where are you going?”

Jensen: [Entering the cargo pod] “Hell if I know! hell if I know.”

Now completely off the grid in the middle of nowhere following a lead to uncover the truth, Adam Jensen is confronted by a new conspiracy, a new enemy and some mysteriously new allies.

As ‘The Missing Link‘ begins, we find Adam Jensen strapped to an EMP generator taking a punishing beating from a Belltower operative as he is being interrogated. Shortly after his interrogation Adam is mysteriously freed, able to move about and unleash his augmented fury. For starters, I must admit that while I did take a more stealthy and merciful approach in the full retail version of Deus Ex: HR, this time around I felt compelled to fully unleash Mr. Jensen without mercy. With multiple opportunities to utilize either the tranquilizer rifler or stun gun, I purposely opted to keep my experience filled with carnage. Sure, I found myself frequently getting into cover to avoid detection or random bullet fire however, executing quick time event melee kills of all sorts was this writers order of business and I loved every bit of it – a bit harsh I know but certainly worth every killing blow.

Like Deus Ex: HR, The Missing Link is about uncovering as much intel as possible in order to truly take in the experience. Once again, hacking computers, uncovering new pocket secretaries with more access codes and passwords, and reading E-books all bring this large than life plot into focus, helping the player to form their own emotional connection to this inhumane plot. The more I uncovered, the more angry I became, thus my enjoyable and purposeful gameplay actions.

As you tackle ‘The Missing Link’ you will immediately notice the enhanced visuals. Textures are super clean this time around. Walk up close to any wall and it looks smooth as butter. Yes butter is smooth – Taking nothing away from the beautifully artistic vision of Deus Ex: HR, ‘The Missing Link‘ doesn’t suffer from the same degree of screen tearing or color popping. I did notice some screen tearing but nothing major. Another noticeable difference could be seen in the games environmental lighting which this time around give the surrounding areas more depth and clarity. ‘The Missing Link’ is played in more confined environments, lending well to tighter more stable graphical assets. Smart choice as the game looks great!

At the start of ‘The Missing Link’ Adam is aboard Belltower sea vessel, eventually docking off at what appears to be an oil rig but is in fact a hi-tech biotechnology facility with some dark hidden secrets at the heart of it’s ocean bottom.

‘The Missing Link’ ties seamlessly well into the Deus Ex: HR campaign as certain NPC’s you run into offer reminiscent hints at previous locales of their origin which Adam has traveled. Upon reading what Belltowers operatives are doing to their helpless and vulnerable cargo or by listening to the rationale of scientists who justify their actions with lame ‘for the greater good’ excuses and this becomes an emotional tug of war of morals. Pulling at you emotional cords, ‘The Missing Link’ forces the player to make cruel decisions where they just may find themselves hiding behind the same rationale – ‘For the greater good’.

‘The Missing Link’ is an extension of the Deus Ex: HR conspiracy tied closely together in another well told story plot. Again, to fully appreciate ‘The Missing Link’, I strongly encourage gamers to play Dues Ex: HR up until Adam Jensen enters the cargo pod, that way your previous experience with the first portion of Deus Ex: HR will be well complimented with ‘The Missing Link’.

For newcomers who have not played Deus Ex: HR, you’re still in for a great time as this DLC plays independent enough to offer a kick-butt thrill-ride well worth the price of admission.

Easily one of the best games this generation, Deus Ex: HR grows a conspiracy branch in the form of ‘The Missing Link’ that can’t missed.

Review Score: 9/10

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