Grand Theft Auto V: New Trailer & Gameplay Setting Revealed

With the recent and confirmed announcement that GTAV is currently in the works at Rockstar Games, a new trailer was also mentioned to grace us this month which you can now view below. In addition, this new GTA will be played in San Santos or a re-imagined Southern California.

Rockstar Games has also revealed that the game will once again offer an addictive online multiplayer, calling it a “radical reinvention” of the franchise.

“Grand Theft Auto V is another radical reinvention of the Grand Theft Auto universe,” said Rockstar founder, Sam Houser. “We are incredibly excited to share our new vision with our fans.”

Rockstar stated that GTA 5 is a “bold new direction in open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer,”.

Based on this new trailer Los Santos has an interesting San Andreas influence about or maybe it’s just my inner fanboy screaming out. Regardless, this is exciting news for GTA fans.

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