Wanted Corp. Coming To Playstation Network Today

Zoo Entertainment has announced Wanted Corp which will be available today (December 6, 2011)  for PlayStation Network.

Wanted Corp is a third-person cooperative action-shooter game designed to take advantage of the PlayStation Move motion controller.

In Wanted Corp., up to two players can embody charismatic bounty hunters Neal Maddogg and Irina-Ys, sent to track down and capture the most wanted criminals in the galaxy.

Neutralizing fugitives, exploring the hostile stages and collecting items allows the bounty hunters to earn cash to upgrade their equipment and abilities.

Battle robotic drones and colossal Giants as you track and capture down members of the Monkey Gang and the Fanatical Sect, culminating with end-of-campaign confrontations with highly evolved bosses. Use weapons, magical powers and even mobile robots for maximum destruction.

Wanted Corp.’s features include:

* A story-based Campaign mode with multiple missions across three diverse environments: The Jungle, The Swamps and The Secret Base.
* A narrative story with more than twenty six characters and creatures.
* Single-Player and co-operative Multi-Player modes.
* Trophies and World Rankings (Leaderboard).
* A Free Mode where gamers can replay each completed level to collect more objects, complete missed side missions and improve their score.

Wanted Corp. is available now via the PlayStation Network for $9.99.

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