NYRTHOS: A Beautiful New Action RPG On The Horizon For Android & iOS

BeerDeer Games, an independent development studio located in Prague, Czech Republic has officially announced its first game, ‘Nyrthos’. It will be an action RPG for web browsers, Anroid and iOS.

Besides the typical RPG routine that orders players the to option to travel, fight, loot, upgrade, craft, and consume story, every hero will also be given the opportunity to buy himself a house, found his own village, manage it, gain more income resources and honor and in the end, be able to progress even further in the game.

The will to survive will be greatly rewarded, as the strong players will usually be the ones to uncover previously undiscovered locations. Still, all the players together will have the power to decide the flow of important events in Nyrthos.

Background Story
The Land of Nyrthos is being slowly consumed by an unknown darkness. The council of elder mages embarked to investigate the eastern border, but has not been heared from ever since. 23 days ago, the pillars of fire have been ignited. The whole continent prepares for a war.. a war that was fortold by the ancestors, yet none knows the reason of it or the enemy they will stand against.

• Deep connection between players and developers
• The playable parts of the world unravel based on player actions
• Original world and setting
• Playable right in your browser, Android and iOS versions coming soon
• Beautifully crafted 2D visuals
• Story and svurvival modes
• Arena mode, where players will fight through hordes of enemies to earn their rank and honor
• 4 schools of magic, many skills and unique environments

The game is built on an in-house engine, in 2D, seen from an isometric view. Closed beta is scheduled to Q1 of 2012. For more information and beta sign-up, please visit www.nyrthos.com.

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