Starhawk Public Beta Starting January 17

Sony as of last week has confirmed the Starhawk public beta which will kick off on January 17. Many of you know about this update already however, some do not as we received a few emails requesting the details. As Sony has stated, this upcoming beta should not be look upon as a demo representing the final build of the game. The beta is expect to end on February 21, so we recommend you join the beta as soon as you can with every intention of trying to assist in making this game a great experience when it finally releases. This beta will only showcase the multiplayer functionality of the game and not the single-player campaign. More importantly be sure to send feedback of your experience whether good or bad, the dev team needs to know your concerns. Go to and use your PSN login to enter the Beta forums where you can list your concerns.

Here are the full access details:

January 17

All PlayStation Plus subscribers and all Private Beta participants (who haven’t erased their original Beta files).

January 31

Uncharted 3 Beta key holders. These voucher codes were found inside of North American copies of Uncharted 3. You will receive an email on how to access the beta. In order to get this email you’ll have had to redeemed your Online Network Pass found inside the boxed copy and made sure you’ve opted into receiving marketing emails.

February 21

Everyone with a PlayStation Network account.

Interested in check out the making of Starhawk, sure you are, here you go, enjoy!

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