Next-Generation Call of Duty In Development?

Could Activision already have their developers in arms working on a next-generation Call of Duty title? This may very well be the case as a job listing shows their developer seeking the expertise of a senior animator with an interest in working with ‘next-generation technologies.’

You’re probably thinking why assume Call of Duty when Activision has a numbers titles in their stable, indeed they do. However, as thatvideogameblog points out, there was another job listing posted back in October of last year, with developer Treyarch seeking a senior software engineer to work on what Treyarch stated was “our hugely successful game to a new console.” Again, looking at Activision’s stable of games and none sticks out as successful as the Call of Duty franchise.

With a franchise as successful as Call of Duty, it would only makes sense to get the ball rolling as the next generation of consoles quickly approaches. The real question on the table is, which developer will actually take the lead on the new project, Treyarch or Inifinity Ward?

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