Dear Capcom, Resident Evil 6 is looking great but……

There is no doubt Resident Evil 6 has us excited for its 2012 release and because we are fans of the series we certainly want the best from the upcoming title. While the Resident Evil franchise ushered in the survival horror interactive experience, today there is a new series (Dead Space) which has taken our survival horror gameplay experiences to newer heights. For Resident Evil 6, it might be a great idea for Capcom to adopt some of the newer gameplay mechanics from today’s leading survival horror.

Here’s a message to Capcom:

Resident 6 Screenshots:

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  • Myx

    I disagree. Resident Evil is famous for its neglectance of actual trends. Resident Evil is Resident Evil. Not what it should be or what the crowd wants it to be. It just is. The brand is magnetic enough to allow the developpers to pretty much do what they want. And in most cases they succeeded.

  • Bob

    This guys says he watched the RE6 trailer – then surely he would know that you can aim and move in RE6?

    Oh, and side note: what a patronising d**k.

  • Based on the latest RE6 trailer which can be viewed here there does seem to be a more dynamic control mechanic over the previous titles. I noticed a cover system where you can cover and fire at the enemy, there was also shown the ability to sprint and slide into cover which is similar to the slide & cover mechanic found in Killzone 3. During what seemed like a brief subway scene, Leon appeared to be able to now slowly walk and shoot but there were signs of running and gunning which many believe the series really needs. Most of the trailer is made up of the games exciting cut-scenes with a small portion of gameplay footage. At this point the game is looking stellar. At E3 this year we’ll definitely take it for a spin and give our in-depth impression of our hands-on. We’re hoping it’s awesome.

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