**Updated – Brick-Force: Over 500 Closed Beta Key Codes To Giveaway

BRICK-FORCE, the all-new sandbox shooter in development by Korean game developer EXE Games and co-production with Infernum is scheduled to begin it’s exciting new closed beta starting February 28th. Built on the Unity 3D engine, Brick-Force allows players to create maps and worlds brick by brick in an effort to experience a comic style shoot’em up affair and we certainly want you to be apart of all the action.

Knowing how exciting this new closed beta has become, we’ve decided to giveaway over 500 beta keys. In order to receive the beta keys all you need to do is (Like) us on our Facebook fan pages @ GameInsider and GameReverb then shoot us an email to gamer@game-insider.com revealing your facebook name. That’s it!

Once you receive your code be sure to register @ the official site and get the in-game exclusive Brick-Force B-Helmet.

With over 500 codes to giveaway we plan to issue out the beta keys until we have completely exhausted them all.

The ‘sandbox’ mode, in which players use simple building blocks to construct complex environments, can be played on social networks and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Beta keys will be issued out daily.

**We made some changes to the key code giveaway requirements due to some social networking issues  – Everything is now resolved and we’re back to cranking out closed beta key codes for Brick-Force .

*Update – We have issued out 550 key codes and are currently out of key codes at the moment. We are looking into getting more codes so please be patient. Hopefully we’ll be able to grab more codes for you.

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