**Updated – Brick-Force: Over 500 Closed Beta Key Codes To Giveaway

BRICK-FORCE, the all-new sandbox shooter in development by Korean game developer EXE Games and co-production with Infernum is scheduled to begin it’s exciting new closed beta starting February 28th. Built on the Unity 3D engine, Brick-Force allows players to create maps and worlds brick by brick in an effort to experience a comic style shoot’em up affair and we certainly want you to be apart of all the action.

Knowing how exciting this new closed beta has become, we’ve decided to giveaway over 500 beta keys. In order to receive the beta keys all you need to do is (Like) us on our Facebook fan pages @ GameInsider and GameReverb then shoot us an email to gamer@game-insider.com revealing your facebook name. That’s it!

Once you receive your code be sure to register @ the official site and get the in-game exclusive Brick-Force B-Helmet.

With over 500 codes to giveaway we plan to issue out the beta keys until we have completely exhausted them all.

The ‘sandbox’ mode, in which players use simple building blocks to construct complex environments, can be played on social networks and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Beta keys will be issued out daily.

**We made some changes to the key code giveaway requirements due to some social networking issues  – Everything is now resolved and we’re back to cranking out closed beta key codes for Brick-Force .

*Update – We have issued out 550 key codes and are currently out of key codes at the moment. We are looking into getting more codes so please be patient. Hopefully we’ll be able to grab more codes for you.

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  • Tesla

    I’ve send an email, hope to receive a key :O
    Thank you for the givaway.

  • Guys use it fast, it replys to you in 5 hours tho, but run, it works and i just got a free beta key 😀
    I am not a bot tho, its just that im happy for getting it.

  • doomzeday

    i sent my try i hope i win! -crosses fingers-

  • lol shoot me

  • We’ve just sent out another 30 beta keys hopefully you all who have not received your keys will see yours waiting in your inboxes. If you do not see them in your inboxes be sure to let us know.

  • Onyx44

    I sent that mail and I hope I’ll receive one key :3

  • TheUnknownM


  • coolcat1711

    I sent mine, hope they still got a key left…

  • Huy Nguyen

    I’ve sent an email, and so far, it’s not working, but I’m patient. I can wait.

  • Amar Cakic

    I’ve sent an email, i hope i’ll get a key 😀

  • Gorbash

    Sadly i dont have 1

  • Pimp Master Grand

    Hey whats the ETA on the key delivery?

  • godlymanX

    please cant send email can you send me one on my email please

  • please i dont know how to send an email please send one to my account please!!

  • We just sent out another 50 closed beta key codes for Brick Force. We really want you all to get into the beta so please check your inboxes. Again, if you don’t see your beta code update in your inbox after about 5 minutes, please resend your email and we’ll certainly try our best to accommodate you. Let’s please be honest about receiving our codes as there are quite a few people worldwide looking to play the beta. If you have already received your code enjoy!

  • Kevin

    Hi, I just sent the email. I hope you guys still have keys >o<

  • Robert Macias

    Please I really want a key for FUN. I’m gonna make as much stages and support you as I could.

  • Robert Macias

    I don’t have a beta key yet.

  • Robert Macias

    I don’t have a beta key yet. Please give me one!

  • Robert Macias


  • i have done all prerequisets inorder to get a key fo free 😉 and i have sent an email saying so. i hoe to recieve one of these keys sop that i can begin my building, playing, and sharing with many peoples.

  • ok it has been 25 mins and i have re sent my email. still awaiting beta code or confirmation that you are out of codes 😉 waiting as paitent as possible.

  • TheMobile79

    I hope i can win a beta key 🙂

  • so, 2 hours later. are you no longer giving out keys?

  • Talha Khalil

    Do you still have some left i really hope you do

  • Max

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! i didnt get one i wanted to play soooooooooooooo bad it looked like such a good game thats a shame will any more beta keys be coming out?

  • Alanmsn Neves

    Just shooted your mail and waiting for my key 😀

  • Kosu

    I hope I get a key 🙂

  • rsinc8

    cna i get oNE PLZ 🙁

  • pablo dominguez

    i already sent the email with the name of account, i hope that you receive it succesfully

  • Jona

    Please pick me, I’m so exited.

  • Can you send me a key too please?

  • Cerdipotamo

    Hope I get one.

  • Pikaprox

    I still didnt recieve one. But im still waiting patiently! Brick-Force looks like its gonna be a great game!

  • jake

    i want to play brick force

  • DeathAngel

    Can’t wait till next beta key codes sendings ;p

  • TautwiZZ

    Sent an email, liked both pages, ready for a key 🙂

  • maldde

    Ive sent a email i hope i get one 🙂

  • Catbat62

    I sent the E-mail about 6 hours ago and still havent recieved one

  • Catbat62

    I just acually checked it was 11 hours ago 😛

  • Alanmsn Neves

    I’m thinking all the keys is already done =/

  • We currently emailing out the remaining key codes – We’re down to 100 codes so hopefully we can get to you all who still have not received the code.

  • We’re now down to 50 more codes for the Brick Force closed beta – If have not liked our facebook fan pgs and sent us an email by now unfortunately you will not receive a closed beta code. In truth, we’re looking at 144 emails with only 50 codes to giveaway at this point. Hopefully we can get to you.

  • tigs



  • tigs

    MY E-MAIL ADRESS IS joe.tigs@hotmail.com

  • Bail

    I liked both and e-mailed! Thanks!

  • Ej

    i really want one ive never played a game like this pls.

  • zxTheNinjaxz

    Okay, I just liked both and emailed also! Please send me one! You are awesome, thanks!


  • DeathAngel

    Heh i got that code but i still wait for Brick-force account activation ;p

  • ketto90

    give me a beta key when you find some one please =)

  • Soni Pham

    I liked both facebook pages.
    Name is : Soni Pham

    Can i have a key please?

  • Deliora

    give me a beta key =D

  • docter

    i want a code pls! someone send a code pls!

  • Youtube.com/JoblessGamers are giving out 20 keys!

    Check them out

  • Thomas

    I hope you find it in your hart to give me a key 🙂

  • Michael

    I could use a key too. Please if any of you nice people in here have an extra key I would be thankful if you could send it to me 😉 vm39@hotmail.com

    I hope we see you at BrickForce!!

  • give mi code @$!$@ 😀

  • Tyler

    Ah, I don’t know if the giveaway is over because I still see the signups on the site. But if they are still alive, I could really use that key. Sadly, my computer has stopped working with some of my favorite games, no idea why and I think this game might help me pass the time when time just doesn’t go by fast enough.

  • could you please
    send me a beta key i want to play this game plzzzzzzzzzzzz 🙂

  • Davey

    Can someone pleaseeeee 🙁 give me a key 🙁 i wanna play so badly 🙁

  • Benley

    Need Code

  • can you give me a beta key plz i have ben whaing for erver

  • Siyos

    Thanx 🙂 , i need code please ^^

  • i hope i get a code and i am going to send the e-mail thing

  • Nicholas Kim

    sent you a e-mail a few hours ago, forgot to comment :PPPP hope i receive one 😀

  • xzxzx12

    give me a key

  • Twixboy

    Hello pls give me a beta key this game is so cool!

  • i need a key help me i wont to play badly send it to me im only 12 D:D:D:D:D;d;:

  • Lesh0

    please send me a beta key i need it so bad wanna play this game

  • SinatraF


    Please? give me a Beta Key

    I love this game !!!

  • sam

    I need one aswell

  • alex

    send me a beta key email ajarnold212@gmail.com

  • Hey Alex, we just sent you your beta key, enjoy 🙂

  • grace

    when will we get the beta key?

  • Bobby Jones

    I really want a key send me one at bobbyjones027@gmail.com

  • Hector

    I need a Beta key plz !!!! dying for the game :DDD

  • West

    send me betakey at westywilliams@yahoo.com

  • Hector

    Oh and my email is hector_dgb@hotmail.com

  • gruff

    when u get some more plz can i have one ive been waiting for ages

  • Barbara Sullivan

    Send me a beta key for brick-force email sullivangale@yahoo.com

  • Brian

    Can i please have a beta key i watched some vids of the game on youtube and i signed up and i don’t wan to wait for open beta.

  • Brian


  • Matty

    I srsly need a beta key :(((

  • Matty
  • IMPolo

    email: minashawky10@yahoo.com beta key plzzz 🙂

  • do we send it to you on yahoo or Facebook? either, way i can’t send it to you cuz i can’t find gamer@game-insider.com on neither

  • whoops. forgot my email is blendeegend@yahoo.com

  • Bryan

    I registered 26 hours ago and I have had no luck please send me one

  • Rage.

  • pf da uma chave para mim top tentando mó tempao mas nao to coseguindo receber nenhuma

  • malz pelos erros de digitaçao , agora pf me envia uma key pfpfpfpf

  • ajunkeren

    Give me too please

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