Wheels of Destruction Review

Vehicles with guns mounted blasting at other vehicles with guns mounted in a somewhat enclosed place. If the previous sentence does not appeal to you what-so-ever then turn around and run away. Are you still there? I am only kidding please come back. Great, then lets continue on. Wheels of Destruction is a vehicle combat arcade game from Gelid Games set in the post-apocalyptic world without any law. The only law seems to be every car has to have a weapon on top of it.

Since Wheels of Destruction is a vehicular combat game, there are five different types of vehicles to choose from. Each vehicle “class” has their strengths and weakness. Such as the fast car is easy to travel across the map and has higher fire rate but has low health. The oversized-tank-truck has the highest health but has turtle speed and makes a big target.

When each match starts every player starts off with the basic weapon, the Gatling gun. Throughout the stage different weapons are scattered that can be picked up. There are missiles, flamethrower and laser cannons. Each weapon has an alternate fire that is best used in certain situations. Such as the flamethrower’s alternate fire is an area effect flame rather than its primary focused fire spray. When battles happen, damage is likely to happen to your vehicle. So to increase survivability, like the different weapons, health and armor are also scattered throughout the map that you can replenish.

There are three different game types. Wheels of Destruction has not come up with anything unique so you have your basic death match, where every man is for himself and first player to thirty kills wins. Then you have your team types. Team death match, self-explanatory, is first team to seventy kills wins. Capture the flag is the final type where two teams capture the other team’s flag. First team to five captures wins the match. Each play type can be played online or offline. If you don’t have friends to play with or you’re just a recluse gamer, then you can always enable bots to play in your match. The only game mode you can play with bots is the ranked online mode.

Simple, fun vehicular combat is what Wheels of Destruction offers. The graphics really stand out in the game. The gameplay is not overly complex by having to remember certain button combinations. It is easy to jump in or jump out of a game. Death match lives up to its name when playing online with other players, which is the best part of this game. It is an all-out weapons blasting destruction-fest.

Nevertheless, there are a few things that held this game back. Some levels seemed to be too large for the game play this game was designed around. Other than playing online with fellow gamers, playing against bots just is not entertaining and gets old fast. While free for all and team death match is enjoyable, capture the flag just is not as fun because of the way the combat and gameplay is designed. There are a lot of frustrating moments. There are a lot of die quickly moments that you ask yourself ‘how did that just happen? The biggest thing about the game is the button layout. It is one of the worst I have seen as there are only two options that do not help.

Wheels of Destruction is a “Poor Man’s Twisted Metal.” It has simple controls that everyone can get used to quickly. Each class has unique play styles and the different weapons are interesting. Yes, there are many frustrating game play moments when playing but there are also enjoyable times as well. This is a game that I strongly recommend seeing if a demo is available before you put down your hard earned money.

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