Alien Chaos 3D Receives European Release

UK video game publisher Reef Entertainment today announced the European release of ALIEN CHAOS 3D exclusively coming for the Nintendo 3DS, downloadable via the Nintendo eShop.

– Really uses an arsenal of different weapons spanning the Peashooter right the way up to the Explosive Flaming Chainsaw Shotgun.

– The animal robot alien hordes include robo-boxing kangaroos, rocket spiked hedgehogs, shield carrying hippos and robo-frog fodder.

– Debris, sparks, smoke and flaming chainsaws pop from the screen in 3D.

– 5 chapters, 30 levels and 5 deadly bosses.

– Exchange high scores with friends and other players via Street Pass.

Alien Chaos 3D will be available on Nintendo eShop across Europe this Summer.

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