Free PC Full Game Code For DARKSIDERS – *Winners Announced!

With the highly anticipated release of Darksiders II around the corner, we at GameInsider decided to help the fans of the series get back into the Darksider groove by offering our magazine subscribers a chance at winning one of ten PC full game codes for the original title, Darksiders.

The rules were simple, GameInsider subscriber were to send their subscription email address to us at for a chance to win one of 10 FREE PC game code versions of Darksiders, that’s it!

Today we have chosen our winners and the codes for the free full PC version of Darksiders has been sent to their inboxes:


Michelle Mohr


Lian Jie Bay

Chong Tze Ai

Michael Parent

Daniel Sturgill

The remaining four winners have requested that their names remain anonymous and we will respect their wishes. Winners will redeem their PC code for Darksiders via STEAM.

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