Frobisher Says! Now Available For PS Vita For Free From The Playstation Store

Sony today has announced that Frobisher Says! – an eccentric and hilarious compendium of fast-paced mini games – will be available to all PlayStation Vita users, for free, from April 25th. Frobisher Says! is a PS Vita exclusive application and those already familiar with Frobisher’s distinctly strange world will be able to access 15 mini-games as part of the DLC also available to everyone starting today, May 2nd.

Frobisher Says! has already been a hit with gamers who pre-ordered the PS Vita and received the game free at launch. Now, all PS Vita users can experience the madness by downloading it free from PlayStation Store.

The premise is simple; Frobisher, a strange sort of chap, commands players to perform all manner of usual and surreal tasks using the whole range of inputs PS Vita has to offer. As well as single-player mode, up to twelve friends can pass one PS Vita between them for in a multiplayer sessions.

25 mini-games are available completely free to all players and for those who have been playing with Frobisher since the launch of PS Vita, there is also a ton of new content on the way. A DLC pack featuring 15 brand-new mini-games will also be released on May 2nd priced just €1.99.

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