The Secret World Has Already Enlisted Over 200,000 Agents Before Release

Funcom is excited to share that 200,000 participants are now engaged in battle through ‘The Secret War’, a unique browser-based social experience that draws upon the conflict between the three secret societies in Funcom’s upcoming massively multiplayer online game The Secret World. Launching on June 19th, 2012, The Secret World MMO pitches players against each other as they fight for the power to control the world for their secret society, and through The Secret War social experience, participants can get a taste of the epic conflict that hits on June 19th.

The Secret War has now been raging for two weeks. Here are some interesting stats so far:

– Over 200,000 gamers have registered and become participants in the war

– The experience has had over 1.2 million visits in total

– Each participant spends 20 minutes on average playing at each visit

– Over 50 million agents have been deployed by the 200,000 participants

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