Sony Announces New BBC Sports App For PS3

Sony today announced the BBC Sport app, which will sit alongside BBC News and BBC iPlayer on the Sony Entertainment Network, will be launching on Sony BRAVIA and PlayStation 3 devices in time for Wimbledon 2012, providing exciting new television content over and above that available on free-to-air television.

The application has been designed specifically for the ‘big-screen’ to deliver an ultimate home entertainment experience. The principal purpose is to deliver live sporting events where there are simultaneous activities or multiple camera angles, making it an ideal fixture to get front row seats to watch Formula OneTM and major sporting events coming to London this summer, including Wimbledon and the Olympics.

* Sony believes this is one of 2012’s killer apps for home entertainment and is pleased to be the first Smart TV brand to offer it

* Consumers can enjoy live streams of BBC coverage of key sporting events including Formula One and Wimbledon followed by 24 simultaneous streams during the Olympics

* Easy-to-use service that offers programming over and above what’s available currently on free to air services

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