E3 2012: Zone of Enders HD Collection: E3 Full-Length Animation Trailer

The essential Zone of the Enders series features the engrossing storytelling of Hideo Kojima, paired with thrilling robot fights in a futuristic interplanetary setting. Keeping it short and simple, players control fast and powerful mechs (robots) known as Orbital Frames to blast their enemies into oblivion as shown is this latest full-length animation trailer. The series rocked on the PS2 and now it is thankfully coming to your PS3 and Xbox 360. The trailer which Konami is featuring at E3 showcases an overview perspective of the upcoming Zone of Enders HD Collection which features the main playable character in Jehuty as well as other allied characters and enemies you’ll confront throughout the series.

The trailer animation is heavily infused with western anime influence which makes for a good time if you’re into that sort of thing.

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