LOCO: Evolution – Major Content Update Should Make Fans Happy

The free-to-play Massively Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game LOCO: Evolution is going on the offensive: For the first time, today’s content patch offers a Player versus Environment (PvE) game mode for single player action. Besides a new Player versus Player (PvP) map, LOCO fans now also get to enjoy a motivating artifact system, and to join the fray with Delphi, the new female hero. The reintroduced team mode for group matches completes the patch.

Jungle fever in PvE and PvP modes
The new PvE mode provides the first single player instance. Along a given path, LOCO players fight their way through the thick of the jungle, seeking to destroy Almaros the tree creature. The PvP map Battlefield of Immortals sends them deep into the jungle as well. It takes team coordination and tactical finesse to prevail when foes attack from all directions and high grass obstructs the view. For a short time, players who check out the new PvP map will receive twice the amount of experience and coins.

More team play and fun collecting artifacts
The popular team mode is back. This game type is found in the matchmaking system and lets groups of five players go up against each other on various maps. A ranking system within the LOCO universe provides a comparison and increases motivation. The new artifact system rewards gold collectors who invest their funds in customizing their heroes.

Delphi provides relief during the battle
Delphi is a new fighter who joins the ranks of LOCO heroes. She wields a huge fighting staff – but her real forte lies in the special skills she has to offer. By using Flow of Life, Delphi helps your entire team to regain its strength when the going gets rough. With Cross of Wrath, she causes massive damage to opponents and provides fresh energy to surrounding allies. This makes Delphi an ideal choice when the action on the battlefield is heating up.

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