GameReverb: 6/29 – Nintendo Calls Gamers Greedy and We Discuss The Top 3 Games That Need A Sequel

In this latest episode of GameReverb, the one and only Chris Micieli (see the OuterView with Chris M in every issue of GameInsider) is back with the gang since E3. Chris has been busy buying houses and signing autographs so we’re happy to once again be graced by his presence.

E3 is still ringing in the hearts of gaming fans worldwide and particularly ours. While still in a state of mental recuperation after Nintendo’s E3 press conference, Nintendo’s President and Chief Operating Officer Reggie Fils-Aime has gone on to state that gamers are insatible, referring to the unsatisfied response from gamers concerning Nintendo’s lack of show stopping games and overall expo showing. Are gamers greedy? Sure we are! Reggie, come on buddy, your Wii audience is now in Jr High School if not High School, PIKMIN 3 and Super Mario Bros. U are going to have a hard time impressing them with the likes of the robust competition play list. We dive head first into this topic by also sharing our unbiased opinion on the matter.

2K Games has released Spec Ops: The Line, their latest 3rd person military based shooter which has been receiving favorable reviews from across the net. Mark Turcotte takes it for a spin and walks away satified so far. EA introduces Sim City Social, have you tried it? Can you say needs an update like now! The guys talk about the ins and ouches of the game, yes, the game can be painful to play at times.

Bioware certainly loves their fans as they have finally released the highly anticipated ‘New Endings’ for Mass Effect 3. The gangs talks about the ending and whether or not they are satisfying. You know someone is bound to complain about something, right?

Last and certainly not least, the gang gives their individual list for the Top 3 Games The Need A Sequel. This was a lot of fun, enjoy!

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