GameReverb: 7/6 – The Walking Dead Ep #2 Rocks While Sony’s $380 Million Dollar Acquisition Of Gaikai Puts Them In The Cloud Gaming Driver Seat

In this latest episode of GameReverb, the gangs jumps right into the second episode of The Walking Dead and holding no punches Telltale Games once again knocks it out of the park. Without any pre-show spoiler warnings to announce, we gracefully dive into what we believe makes the series great……so far.

Needing more Skyrim to get you through the week, we also tackle the latest DLC for the 2011 Game of the Year, in the form of Dawnguard. Be warned, we are not bias, at least we try not to be. Despite loving the crap out of Skyrim, Dawnguard for $19.99 is not something we’re singing praises over, however it does have it’s major high points. So, Skyrim fans please forgive us.

Endless Space is a now available and Mark Turcotte give us the verdict on his experience – Word of advice, don’t play another game of the same genre while currently finishing the new game in front of you. If you do, you may never come back to it. Civ V has ruined Endless Space for Mark.

On the news front we give our infinite opinions on Sony’s latest $380 million acquisition of Gaikai and what it could mean for their Playstation business model, Microsoft beware!

Final Fantasy VII is once again coming to PC and yes user will now be able to buy with real money assets for success. While true FF fans may hate the notion of this, at the end of the day publishers have to pay the bills.

Last but certainly not least, the gang tackles some listener questions which pose some interesting concerns from older gamers who are still as passionate about the industry as today youthful hardcore disciples.

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  • sony playing catchup… AGAIN!

    No this doesn’t put sony in the drivers seat, it just means that sony missed the ball and is playing catch up. They had to buy a company to catch up with Microsoft… Skydrive anyone?! Do you seriously think cloud gaming hasn’t been part of Microsofts bigger plan for years now(along with all the major publishers)?

    Nope sorry, but I’m not buying this headline, sony got caught flat footed again… only way back was to buy in expertise.

    Get it right Gents.

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