WEBZEN Partners With Overwolf To Launch The ‘WEBZEN Hub’

WEBZEN, a free-to-play online game publisher from Korea, today announced the launch of the “WEBZEN Hub” in collaboration with Overwolf, a software company specializing in adding a rich layer of social functionality to games. The WEBZEN Hub (powered by Overwolf) includes a wide set of gaming features accessible to users while playing their favorite games. While WEBZEN players may use Overwolf’s video and screenshot capturing and sharing the most, the client also includes various instant-messaging services, in-game access to TeamSpeak, a music player, an in-game browser and will soon add an in-game app store.

To see the client in action, please download at: http://download.overwolf.com/WebzenHubInstaller.exe.

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  • calmdown

    I have played both c9 and Arctic Combat (AC in two of it’s beta’s), loved them all. Webzen is great at producing and executing games, in my opinion, and they will probably keep growing in the future.
    Overwolf is a great way to communicate on C9, I’m hoping to see this on Arctic Combat soon too. OBT (Open Beta) will be starting December 6th, hope to see you all on the battlefield!

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