GAMEREVERB: 7/20 – Battlefield 4 Is Official! – Where Is Battlefield Bad Company 3

In this latest episode of GameReverb, the gang kicks things off by diving back into Spec Ops: The Line by looking at the games intriguing story which I personally enjoyed a great deal. Then, we go a bit old school with the recent release of Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD which you can now take far a spin.

Pocket Heroes is all the rave nowadays and the guys are loving it! Listen to why it’s so great. Dragon’s Dogma has been out for awhile now and we still want to talk about it – You’re probably still on the fence about picking up this game, aren’t you? Don’t be, if you like action RPG’s you’re in very safe hands.

Battlefield 4 is OFFICIAL! Are they releasing it too soon for next year and where is Battlefield Bad Company 3? Yes, we’re certainly excited about the BF4 announcement, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There are definitely some items to discuss with this. Is the Marvel comic character DEADPOOL an annoying jerk or a likable slighty obnoxious badass you can’t wait to play with in a video game? DEADPOOL the video game is currently in the works and it does sound cool, hear our thoughts.

What would all of these amazing video games be like if they didn’t possess those emotionally charges musical scores to tug away at our hearts? While Patrick Watts could care less, we all tackle our top 3 greatest musical scores of all-time.

There’s tons more in this latest episode so tune in and be sure to share your thoughts.

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