OUYA Pledges Exceed $8 Million, Over 60K Total Backers, Less Than 8 Hours Left

Say what you will about OUYA, the console is making history.  With just 8 hours to go, OUYA has exceeded its original goal of $950,000 with pledges exceeding 8 million dollars; that’s over 850% of its goal!  With over 60,000 backers, the Android-based platform already made Kickstarter history by being the fastest project to fund, doing so in just 8 hours, beating out Double Fine’s Adventure project that funded in a little over 17 hours.  Impressive.

With developer support growing – the most recent announcement being Namco Bandai’s intent to bring both old and new titles to the new console – OUYA is looking to challenge the big three’s lock on console gaming: Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.  Of course, with great power comes great responsibility (I couldn’t resist the reference) and OUYA needs to make good on it’s promises to both developers and its backers.  Only time will tell, but things are looking promising.  Regardless, congratulations to Julie Uhrman and the OUYA team in taking a bold step towards shaking things up in the console industry.

Watch the countdown: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ouya/ouya-a-new-kind-of-video-game-console

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  • tanto

    its really not impressive at all

    when you get right down to it

    it has zero games

  • Yam

    Sure, if reading comprehension is a task for you, yes…it has no games. Though, if you did any research you can already see there are plenty of games slated for it already, with more being added each day.

  • ROB

    Hilarious Yam.

    Yes, the OUYA does have games lined up for it. Human Element is one such exclusive from one of the creators of MW3. I’m a sucker for post-apocalyptic zombie games.

  • The kickstarter success of the OUYA is unprecedented and a testament to fresh and innovative new ways to experience video games. At $99 with the current list of games coming to the system as well as the integration of Onlive at launch, the system will be a no brainer purchase for millions of gamers.

  • @ ROB – Human Element is a game we certainly have our eye on.

  • Something to chew on…when was the last time you bought a home gaming console for $99?

  • I believe I did purchase the PS2 slim model for $99 in 2008 and even those were flying off the shelf some nine years after initially hitting the market @ $299. No system today with new and upcoming software can match the price point of the OUYA. You might be able to grab a used iPod for as low as $99.

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