GameReverb: 8/17 – Black Ops: Declassified A Visual Car Wreck While Capcom’s ‘Remember Me’ Innovates The Genre

In this latest episode of GameReverb, the one and only Chris Micieli is still missing in action, but have no fear he will be back to fill your gaming fix with his insightful barrage of cerebral brilliance. Since we’ve tackled quite a few games this week that have recently released in full retail or demo form, we start things off with the PSN exclusive Papo and Yo which is certainly a delight new title you should get your hands on. Next up the gang dives into the sandbox Triad world of Sleeping Dogs. Our impressions give much praise to the game as a whole, bravo United Front!

Would Sleeping Dogs have been a better experience if Activision would have kept the rights to the game and introduced it as True Crimes 2? That a question on the table in this latest episode of GameReverb – Listen to hear our answers! Who said Kratos was the ultimate action-antihero in videogames? Well DEATH certainly has something to say about that with the recent release of Darksiders 2. Sure, Kratos is still at the top of the food chain in this department but boy oh boy is DEATH an impressive statement by Vigil Games. Mark Turcotte takes DEATH for a spin to free his brother WAR from the cluthes of lies and despair and is loving every minute of  this new adventure.

Hot new demos have also hit the popular Xbox Live and PSN networks with the recent releases of Madden NFL 13 and Dust: An Elysian Tale which we discuss in detail. Both are most promising with the Madden NFL 13 demo making me a believer in Madden again.

What’s going on @ Gamescom 2012, well for starters Sony is doing what they left off doing at E3, showing brand new exclusive titles for their PS3 and PS Vita. With new titles being shown such as KILLZONE Mercenary, TearAway, Until Dawn, and RAIN just to name a few we’re excited for Sony’s new lineup of titles. Is it me or was Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified a visual car wreck on the PS Vita? We discuss the underwhelming new trailer shown at Sony’s Gamescom press conference in much detail.

In addition, we discuss Capcom’s upcoming new IP entitled, Remember Me. The gameplay details surrounding Remember Me is looking and sounding amazing so you don’t want to miss this latest episode of GameReverb.

Be sure to listen to our answers as we try to answer you our listeners question with accurate precision – this and much more is included in the episode!

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  • Ryne Sandel

    Just an FYI gentlemen, Derrick’s levels were killing me this week. I had to crank the volume way up to hear him, and then Turks would about blow all of my car speakers when he chimed in. Might want to monitor the audio levels a bit and see if you can get them to a more uniform place.

    Apart from that, great stuff as usual. Watts sold me on Day Z…I am beyond excited for Guild Wars 2…and when Borderlands 2 swings around, I fully expect some kick ass games with you guys.

    – LawSchoolGamer

    P.S. Good answers all around on the lawsuit question. Turks, the “cause of action” you would be suing for would be “Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress” whereby they caused you grievous mental harm and anguish through their negligent publication of a terrible video game.

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