KILLZONE Mercenary: The Vita’s First Great Shooter

“A mercenary is a rare breed of soldier. We work in the shadows. We do things their own forces could never do. Fighting the battles they could never fight, battles they don’t want the world to know about. We never pick sides, we never cared who was right…..or wrong……” – KILLZONE Mercenary

The quote narrative from the upcoming KILLZONE Mercenary speaks heavily into the meaning behind what Guerrilla Games has in store for KILLZONE fans. Whether leading the battle charge with the late Jan Templar and company in the original KILLZONE, KILLZONE: Liberation on the PSP or this generations more robust offering with Sgt. Sevchenko, throughout the KILLZONE series, players have always played on the side of the ISA. Diving deeper into this planetary conflict and you’ll find that the assumed enemy of earth in the form of the Helghast were in fact humanoids living on earth and Vekta, eventually forced to find and rebuild a new existence for themselves on the distant planet of Helghan (read the KILLZONE universe).

While it would be interesting to tackle the KILLZONE experience from the Helghast perspective, Guerrilla Games has decided instead to drop player in the middle of this conflict as an unbiased timebomb. As a mercenary, now fighting on the side of the highest bidder, you’re able to  exploit both the ISA and Helghast tactics and loadouts for financial gain. Rewarded with high-tech weaponry, your main objective is to get your contract completed by any means necessary.

But what does this mean for the series and progressive plot? For starters, depending on where KILLZONE Mercernary begins within the KILLZONE universe, this is a great opportunity to integrate more behind the scene story and character development which the series was founded on with the original KILLZONE. Working as a mercenary manipulating both factions by your actions means ISA and Helghast troops could potentially find themselves on the wrong side of your barrel. Could there be scenarios where you are coordinating objectives alongside the series main characters from different sides of the battlefield namely Rico and Sevchenko.  I certainly hope so as a reintroduced Lugar the Shadow Marshall would certainly puts a smile on my face.

Playing as a mercenary should and I expect will have more implications than just racking up cold hard cash and weapon loadouts. The KILLZONE universe is a vast and compelling struggle for power, dominance and stability that would serve KZ: Mercenary’s well with compelling cinematic shorts echoing the intricate struggle between the Helghast, the ISA (Interplanetary Strategic Alliance) and the UCN (United Colonial Nations).

In the coming months Sony will be releasing more details surrounding KILLZONE Mercenary, shedding light on the mercenary soldier details, weapons, loadouts, and multiplayer as well as more screenshots and level designs.

Regardless of where they decides to takes us, Guerrilla’s PS3 track record holds much promise for PS Vita owners looking for that blockbuster shooter to take pride in.


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  • Gamescom

    No fogs? no Depth of Field?? Mehhh..FAILED! faaaar from console quality

  • joesombody

    I’ve this it in action, this looks really good, big fan of KZ3

  • Hey Joe, I’m also a huge fan of the work done at Guerrilla Games. KZ2 and KZ3 are undoubtedly among the industries greatest shooters. We have high hopes for Killzone Mercenary 🙂

  • If you’re expecting the game to like it does on the PS3 you’ll obviously be disappointed.

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