GameReverb: 8/24 – Darksiders II Is One Heck Of A Game While Our Excitement For Guild Wars 2 Borders On Insanity

In this latest episode of GameReverb, the gang jumps right into ‘The Fall of Cybertron’ as Activision and developer High Moon has released their latest Transformers title which is easily the best in the series. In addition, Valve has just released Counter Strike: Global Offensive for PSN, XBLA and PC and the guys certainly have a mixed bag of updates for this latest shooter.

I can’t remember the last time I actually picked up a controller to play a NHL video game but after listening to Mark, Watts and Remy talk NHL 13, I might have to see what the fuss is about. After talking about Darksiders II last week and then diving more into THQ’s latest hack & slash extravaganza, we’ve decided to revisit DEATH and his mighty exploits for another week. I must repeat, this is an amazing game, there I said it! Go buy it while listening to the show.

Recently here at GameInsider we’ve been all about giveaways and lately we’ve been giving away 5000 beta codes for RAIDERZ with thousands more to distribute to you our readers and listeners. Now with the recent release of Awesomenauts for the PC, we are giving away (5) full game PC codes. In order to have a chance at winning one of these codes, throughout this episode we’ll reveal 3 “Code Words”. Email the 3 words to by Tuesday August 28th at 12PM PST. Winners will be announced later that afternoon. You can read our review of the game here.

In news this week we pick up with the recent Onlive debacle, are they going out of business? We’ll if you’ve been following this story the answer is…no. We shed light on the aftermatch of their bankruptcy and the new company who has acquired their rights. Diablo 3 fans might be interested in the latest Paragon levels update, or has the fast approaching release of Guild Wars 2 stolen its thunder?

The gangs is extremely excited about Guild Wars 2 to the point of ridiculousness and in this episode of GameReverb our pre-launch previews are expressed.

Sony introduces Cross-Buy, a program allowing gamers to buy a game for the PS3 and then download the same game for the PS Vita for free. Sounds like a smoking deal, well it most certainly is.  Will this be enough to help Sony sell more PS Vita units?

Be sure to listen to our answers as we try to answer you our listeners question with accurate precision – this and much more is included in the episode!

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