Half-Life 3: A New ‘Open World’ Full Of Exploration In 2013?

According  to VG247 by way of Journaldugamer –  the highly sought after yet unseen title Half-Life 3 is believed to currently be in development at Valve. Sources close to the project or should I say ‘the source’ close to Valve has mentioned that the game has already gone through several revisions ultimately bringing the project to what is being considered an ‘open world’ experience which has gained considerable inspiration from Bethesda’s robust Skyrim experience.

Unlike previous titles in the Half-Life series, this new title will not be a continuation of prior games labeled as  Half-Life 2: Episode 3, but simply Half-Life 3 as its own full new experience. The source also suggested that Half-Life 3 will not be a straight up shooter like prior titles adding that the game will now offer puzzles and vast exploration coupled in with quests and NPC’s.

The game is also expected launch sometime after 2013 according sources.


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