GameReverb: 10/12 – Dishonored A Great New Experience While Capcom Drops The Ball On Resident Evil 6

We are back after our 2 week hiatus with tons of games to preview and slightly review in this latest episode of GameReverb. After being made to be jealous by Marks family excursion story to Disneyworld, the gang jumps right into Resident Evil 6. You guys and gals know we are brutally honest about games and we hold no punches with RE6. Is the game terrible, not at all, is it great, not at all – We dig pretty deep to give you the truth about the Capcoms latest adventure despite.  Moving on, Arkane Studios has finally released their all-new IP of Dishonored and from everything our editorial team is saying, the game is awesome.

XCOM Enemy Unknown is now available and yours truly has disected the games available demo. Turn-based strategy fans who enjoyed the original XCOM from back in the day will absolutely love this new experience – we briefly dive into this new experience to explain it’s robust offerings.

TURN10 takes FORZA on the open road with FORZA Horion. While the demo is currently available on Xbox Live, we sort of have a mixed bag of feelings about this upcoming racer. Now, for all you Medal of Honor fans you might be dissapointed by my personal disdain for the currently available Medal of Honor Warfighter multiplayer beta. We talk about the beta/demo and our expectations for the games single-player campaign.

On the news front we tackle several updates including the recent departure of Cliff Blesinszki from Epic Games as well as the recently updated Gaikai site which now reveals a list of Playstation brand titles including cross-platform icons like Mass Effect’s commander Shepard as well as Metal Gear Risings Raiden hinting at their upcoming adventures via Sony’s new cloud gaming service. We also dive into the direction what we believe are Sony’s full intentions with their new cloud gaming service and it is very exciting.

Be sure to listen to our answers as we try to answer our latest listeners questions with accurate precision – this and much more is included in this latest episode!

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