HALO 4: Second Disc Dedicated To Multiplayer With 8 GB Install

Confirmed to Joystiq, Microsoft has evealed that the second disc in the upcoming HALO 4 package will be dedicated to the games multiplayer mode which also “contains data that will need to be installed on an Xbox 360 hard drive or compatible flash storage device with at least 8GB of available memory in order to access ‘Halo 4′s’ extensive suite of multiplayer features.”
HALO 4 the first game in the new HALO “Reclaimer Trilogy” will be available November 6, 2012.

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  • Danny Wallis

    Actually, it has been confirmed by many 360 mod scene members using the leaked Halo 4 copy that the second disc installation is, in fact, only approximately 3.4gb when installed.

  • C. Haynes

    So its 3.4 gigs…. So I deleted half of my 360s’ memory for no reason…(full memory is 4 gigs) Well, now I know how much it needs I guess. Thanks.

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