Watch: WARFRAME – New Gameplay and Character Details From Digital Extremes……..Game Looks Amazing!

Digital Extremes offers more exciting insight into their free-to-play title WARFRAMES with two new developer diaries which shed more light on the Warframes themselves and their amazing attributes.

Currently the closed beta in underway for the game which Digital Extreme admits has been a labor of love for many months. According to the official site the Closed Beta test for Warframe has begun and the dev team has slowly started adding players into the game. The first people to play the game were randomly chosen from their VIP list. And, over the coming months, new beta testers will be added to the mix.

Based on what we’ve seen so far of the game in action plays just as good as it looks. The cool lighting effects which emits throughout the levels casting gorgeous blurs across the environment as the Warframes reap havok is truly something to see.

Be sure to check out the first developer diary entitled “The Beginning” for more info on WARFRAMES.

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