Valve’s New Console Releasing Qtr 1, 2013 Ahead of Sony and Microsoft

We reported that Valve would in fact be releasing their new console to the masses in 2013 as Gabe Newell let the cat out of the bag recently. What we didn’t know however, was ‘When’ this big release was to take place. Currently the net is buzzing with rumors and speculatory updates from the biggest industry insiders projecting that both Sony and Microsoft have plans of going guns blazing with their powerhouse new systems during the 2013 holiday season.

While there has been no official word on when the two manufacturing giants will in fact announce their new systems, it seems Valve is taking no chances.  Just yesterday Cadred revealed that Valve’s new Steambox (unofficial name) is in fact positioned to be released as early as the first quarter of 2013. Desiring  not to run into the Sony and Microsoft holiday blitz, Valve intends to get a serious jump start on the competition.

With a release this soon, we can expect Valve to release more insight into this exciting news soon after the new year. For more on Valve’s new Steambox console, be sure to listen to our latest episode of GameReverb as members from our editorial team give their professional analyses on the hot new gaming console.


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  • DB

    Help me out here. I will be able to play Arma 2 on my big TV without having to invest money into my frustrating PC? If so, will I be able to play the DayZ mod for example?

  • Rumor has it that many of the robust PC-only titles will in fact be playable on Valve’s new PC-based console. It’s also understood that DAYZ might be playable however, since the game has recently been removed from STEAM, we can’t say whether or not it will be playabale.

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