City of Steam Closed Beta Code – Up To 3000 Codes To Giveaway

Currently in closed beta, publisher and developer Mechanist Games has unleashed its industrial age fantasy MMORPG known as CITY OF STEAM to be made available to thousands of our GameInsider community members. City of Steam is a browser-based, free-to-play online RPG set in an industrial world that is only just rediscovering mythwork technologies of its ancient past. A revolution of clockworks, steamworks, combustion and the lighter-than-air phlogiston, push the diverse races of The Mechanism to new heights or depths.

We would like to extend the City of Steam gameplay experience by offering  3,000 closed beta codes for the game.

To receive one of these keys there’s 3 simple steps you’ll need to do:

1) Like our GameInsider Facebook page here.

2) Like our weekly podcast GameReverb’s Facebook page here.

3) Send an email to confirming that you “Liked” our pages.

That’s it! – Do all three of these steps and we’ll send you your closed beta code. For more on City of Steam head over to the games official website .

Closed beta testing will take place between November 16th and December 28th, divided into 4 seasons:

Springtide (Nov. 16th to 20th)
Summercrest (Nov. 30th to Dec. 4th)
Autumnwane (Dec. 14th to 18th)
Winter Festival (Dec. 23 to 28th)

Additional Screenshots:

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