iLogos Starts Development Process For Ouya

The game development industry shows off fulminant growth: a kaleidoscope of new platforms, tools, instruments, products and marketing solutions. iLogos keeps up with a changing market and welcomes the opportunity to join the “exclusive club” of console game developers. Happily, Ouya, a $99 game console built on Android, democratizes creating your own app playable in the living-room. Having started the development process for its first title on Ouya, iLogos is now scheduling three more projects for the platform.

Maxim Slobodyanyuk, Founder and CEO, iLogos: “Ouya is an innovation that cannot be ignored if you want to stay on top of business trends and ideas in game development. At the very beginning experts called the absence of unique games for the console the main threat to a long lasting success, but these concerns have faded. Today we are aware of numerous game studios that are considering to port their popular products for this new console. After we have been approached by several partners, our team has readily accepted this new challenge and is now focusing on game development dedicated to the Ouya.”

Commenting the impressions on Ouya games’ development as well as porting, iLogos specialists evaluate the opportunities as very promising. If a developer has games based on Android he will face no difficulty in porting them on Ouya. The experience in Android-based apps will be the best preparation in creating new products. The only problem likely to occur is manipulation optimization for the joystick. Even though the joystick has a touchpad, it doesn’t support multi-touch, so it remains a challenge to play active shooters on it. Ouya games have to be optimized for 1920×1080 (1080p) or 1280×720 (720p) resolutions, which is almost ideal as the majority of modern tablets feature similar resolutions.

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