First Grader Zora Ball Becomes The Youngest Mobile Game Developer

At only 7 years old, child prodigy Zora Ball is already on her way to becoming one of tomorrows brightest video game programming stars. Little Ms. Ball has become the youngest person ever to create a mobile game app, which was unveiled at the University of Pennsylvania’s Bootstrap Expo last month according to the Pittsburgh Courier.

The Pittsburgh Courier points out that Seven-year-old Ball has also become a master of the Bootstrap programming language, and when asked, Ball was able to reconfigure her application on the fly using Bootstrap. Apparently brilliance runs in the family as Zora has a brother, Trace Ball who is a past STEM Scholar of the Year.

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  • On behalf of the Foundation for the Advancement of Technology in Education (FATE), the nonprofit organization that brings Bootstrap to Philadelphia, thank you for the mention!

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