GameReverb: 1/18 – DmC Devil May Cry Is Awesome While Skype Integrated With Xbox Live Has Great Potential

In this weeks robust episode of GameReverb the guys jump right into NFL playoff disappointments concerning the Denver Broncos among other humorous yet brief NFL insight. Moving onto video games which pays the bill Watts goes into explaining the extensive single -player and mulliplayer glory of NHL 13 which from the teams experience is one of the best sports games to grace a console or PC. From there we discuss what should now be considered the best game which Ninja Theory has ever developed and that’s certainly saying very much, DmC Devil May Cry is available and we discuss its greatness.

EA and Visceral Games have released an early build of the Dead Space 3 demo to a limited amount of Xbox 360 users and Mark Turcotte discusses his playthrough of his demo experience which we are digging in a big way. If you want to see our Dead Space 3 demo walkthrough here you go. Or if you want to see our “Weapon Crafting” walkthrough here you go.  In news, we have some fun and interesting updates beginning with the announcement of Disney’s new Skylanders do-over known as Disney Infinite featuring favored Disney characters.

On the next-gen console front updates are pointing at Microsoft integrating Skype as the default communication tool for Xbox Live. This update is a great listen as we discuss all the awesome possibilities. We also discuss the fallout of Deep Silver’s latest Special Edition of Dead Island: Riptide which has people complaining about the controversial female Zombie ‘Bust’.

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