GameReverb: 1/25 – Raiden Is An Unstoppable Killing Machine In MGRR While Nintendo’s Latest Software Update Is Not Enough……

In this weeks episode of GameReverb the guys jump right into more Dead Space 3 as the games playable demo is now available across PSN and Xbox Live and we’re loving it. However, some of us were not as scared with the demos offering and have concerns that the game might not deliver on its Dead Space promise. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is now available exclusively for your PS3 and Mark is loving it. He discusses in detail what gamers on the fence should know about this awesome new RPG title.

Double Fine has recently released The Cave, their all-new 2D platformer and we’ve all dived head first into this new experience giving our brief impressions.

This week we also discuss the latest demo from Platinum Games and Kojima Productions in the form of the amazing Metal Gear Rising Revengeance demo which has me convinced the game will be an unforgettable lightning quick action juggernaut. The only negative concern with the demo is that I wanted more, much more. In our discussion we explain the combat in much detail.

While we discuss more upcoming titles in great detail, on the news front we mourn the death of THQ as they have liquidated their entire software portfolio. We discuss who bought what from THQ’s auction, and why no one stepped up to acquire my personal THQ franchise favorite, DARKSIDERS as the dev team behind the series has all been let go.

New Nintendo software updates hit the net but is it enough to boost the Wii U’s declining sales? Resident Evil Revelation is now coming to your PS3 and Xbox 360 but are you really interested after the underwhelming Resident Evil 6?

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