Genius SP-i250G Portable Gaming Speakers Review

Gaming on the go is becoming ever more popular with laptops and ultrabooks becoming more and more like gaming rigs than ever before. When it comes to sound output the internal speakers are sometimes just not enough. Recently Genius sent over a pair of their new SP-i250G Portable Gaming Speakers. Looking to deliver high quality sound these speakers are small in size and hope to fulfill that immersive audio gaming experience.

At first glance their small size had me skeptical at the sound they could deliver. They utilize a stereo headphone plug to input to your device. A simple rotational twist turns them on and also controls the volume. The SP-i250G’s also feature built in LED lights whose color constantly changes during use. The provided USB power cord allows for easy charging and power during use. They also come with their own carrying case for each that makes safety during travel a non-issue.

With roughly 6 to 8 hours of use per charge the speakers omni-directional sound is passable at best. With deeper basses really pushing them to their limit it was hard to not cringe sometimes at the sound of explosions during some intense fire fights during the couple shooters I tested them out with. As gaming speakers I think it would have been better to enable more directional sound at the player rather than the omnidirectional which delivers it in radiating direction.

The most effective use I found for using them was not as gaming speakers but more as speakers for my tablet and iPhone. Giving me a more portable option over a iPod enabled radio or boombox is definitely a nice touch. I could easily see this functionality being more effective and worthwhile than the gaming experience. If your tired of wearing headphones or listening to the subpar speakers in your laptop then the Genius SP-i250G Portable Gaming Speakers may be for you, but the the average sound they deliver might not be worth the in

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