Roccat PC Gaming Hardware Review

Recently the folks over at Roccat hooked us up with a suite of some of their best PC gaming peripherals. These included the Savu gaming mouse, Sense gaming mouse pad, and the Isku gaming keyboard. After spending some time with the combination of all three I can easily say that Roccat’s affordable yet quality products could very soon be giving the likes of the gaming giants Steel Series and Logitech a run for their money.

RoccatSavu2-600x337Let’s start with the Roccat Savu gaming mouse. This is indeed a wired mouse but don’t let that turn you off. Personally I still plug in my wireless mice just to insure I’m getting as quick a response from them as possible. The Savu features a true 4000dpi pro-optic sensor that delivers seemingly perfect response time. Couple in with that the light weight and quality feel of its grips and it delivers a quick and responsive PC gaming experience.

It is considered a mid-sized gaming mouse so some may find its smaller stature to be somewhat undesirable but for some twitch shooters it feels just right. For MMO gamers or those who love to map functions to their mice the Savu does enable macro customization through its Macro Manager but it can’t deliver the complexity that some other mice can. This is due to its limitation of having just the standard left and right button, scroll wheel, and the Roccat Easy-Shift[+] duplicator buttons. The Savu also allows customization with its appearance enabling users to change the color of its LED lights creating a rather slick looking aesthetic.

It is apparent that the Savu was meant to be paired up with the Roccat Sense gaming mouse pad. The pad is one of the thinnest pads I’ve ever used and is the typical 400x280mm size. It’s a soft cloth pad but actually consists of two layers. One being the soft cloth itself and the top coat being a layer of micro-crystals. The Savu’s 4000dpi sensor takes advantage of this and again delivers a great experience. I would recommend the chrome blue color like the one Roccat sent over because the default blue for the Savu’s light color blends perfectly with it.

Finally is the true gem of this lot and that is the Roccat Isku. This thing is a beast of a keyboard. Where the Savu and Sense seemed to go the route of minimalist, the Isku is a hulking keyboard built to give PC gamers everything they need. The illuminated keyboard is large measuring 20″ wide and 10″ deep. It takes up a lot of room on my desk and may be a turn off for some gamers. I did find the rather large wrist rest to be a welcomed feature because too often I get wrist fatigue. This does however add to the large size of the keyboard and again may be turn off.

For those looking for the ability to create Macros to your hearts content then the Isku has you covered. The Isku features a macro recording button that allows you to record 180+ macros which can be stored in up to 5 different game profiles. In practice I found this to work quite well although I’m not a guy who typically creates long winded macros. One interesting piece to the Isku is that it features 3 buttons below the space bar. These “Thumbster” buttons are easily accessible and help add to the already 5 programmable macro keys and 20 additional ones in the “easy zone.” Similar to the Savu all of this is handled via the Roccat Macro Manager which comes included on a disc in the box.

As a complete package or even separately I would say I’m pleased with this Roccat gaming suite. Each product appears to be rather durable and delivered an excellent gaming experience. There may potentially be other products made by other companies that could deliver better and even more robust experiences but none of them could be purchased brand new at the prices the Roccat products retail at. If you are in the market for some new gaming hardware then I would definitely recommend considering these Roccat devices just to save the hit on your wallet.

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