In this weeks episode of GameReverb we jump head fist into the recently released Aliens: Colonial Marines from Gearbox. After spending hours of what seemed like endless torture and a huge disappointment, we’ve come together in this latest episode to discuss the many shortcomings of this unfairly priced shooter – Developer Gearbox receives some serious verbal bodyshots from our team of gaming gurus.

Another game which was recently released, this time from developer Visceral Games has our very own Patrick Watts excited about his recent completion of Dead Space 3. Expressing his favorable impressions of the latest scare-fest in the Dead Space series, Watts reveals the truth about Isaac Clark and his next Necromorph filled adventure. If you have yet to play Dead Space 3 and you’re still on the fence, this episode is sure to assist in your decision making.

Even though we’re heading into the second half of February, we revisit the demon-filled spectacle of DmC Devil May Cry from Ninja Theory. Adding more hype to the game, yours truly explains why fans and newcomers of the series need to take DmC for a spin. The $60 investment is totally worth the price of admission as the game offers a well-deserved story and relentless gameplay action.

In this weeks news updates we discuss the new Xbox 720 specs and hardware analysis. More recent news reveals ‘The Last of Us’which has been delayed until June 14th, just one day after E3 2013. We discuss what we believe to be the main reason for the delay. A new Batman Arkham game has been announced however, developer Rocksteady will not be developing this new iteration. Are we concerned, absolutely! Be sure to listen to our Batman hopes and optimism.

We discuss all this and much more in this latest episode of GameReverb.

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