Playstation 4 Announcement Could Drop The PS3 Price By As Low As 64%

While Sony has so far played their upcoming “Future of Playstation” announcement (Feb 20th) rather close to the chest, aside from industry insiders close to the Japanese manufacturer trying to reveal their most coveted secrets before the announcement, some now believe Sony’s new announcement will also usher in an immediate PS3 price drop.

Turning to previous console announcements to see how they affected the prices of their predecessors, DealNews reveals prior price reduction tendencies from the Japanese titan;

SONY DSCThe PS3 was officially announced by Sony at E3 in May of 2005. Prior to its announcement, deals for the PlayStation 2 had been averaging $160. After the PS3’s announcement, the PS2 dropped to an all-time low of $129, or 56% off its full retail price. At the time, that price was unheard of for the PS2.

Fast forward to the PS3’s actual release to customers in November of 2006, and the PS2 dropped in price again; this time it fell to a new all-time low of $116, or 61% off the full retail price.

In a similar fashion, we found a Nintendo Wii deal that dropped to an all-time low of $89 (64% off full retail price) a week after the Wii U’s debut last November. To this day that remains the best deal we’ve seen for a new Nintendo Wii console.

Naturally, these price drops are expected when any device’s successor is announced, but if we go by these numbers, then deals on the PS3 160GB console could potentially hit as low as $144 (64% off full retail price). While that may sound extreme, keep in mind that we’ve already seen this model hit $200 multiple times in November and December. (To date that has been the 160GB PS3’s lowest price.) And for a system as powerful as the PS3, and with a game library this large, $144 is an absolute steal for bargain hunters. (The PS3 was also recently named one of the best Blu-ray players by CNET, another plus for the system.)

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