Gears of War: Judgment Soundtrack Announced

ACM FRONT COVERSumthing Else Music Works, through its licensing relationship with Epic Games has announced GEARS OF WAR: JUDGMENT – THE SOUNDTRACK. Developed exclusively for Xbox 360 by Epic Games and People Can Fly, GEARS OF WAR: JUDGMENT brings players back to the terrifying aftermath of Emergence-Day, before the events of the Gears of War trilogy. The soundtrack features original music composed by Steve Jablonsky (Gears of War 3, Gears of War 2, Transformers movie trilogy) and Jacob Shea (Gears of War 3, Crysis 2, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands) and will be available on March 19th at retail outlets worldwide through Sumthing Else Music Works, and for digital download at Amazon MP3, iTunes and other digital music sites.

Set years before the events of the previous Gears of War trilogy, JUDGMENT centers on Kilo Squad, a troop of soldiers led by Damon Baird and Augustus “The Cole Train” Cole. They are joined by newcomers to the Gears of War series, Sofia Hendrick and Garron Paduk, as they attempt to save the besieged city of Halvo Bay from a terrifying new enemy. GEARS OF WAR: JUDGMENT depicts the planet Sera on the brink of annihilation by an unstoppable new Locust menace, giving players a new vantage point into one of the richest and most acclaimed sagas in gaming.

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