Urban Style Freestyle Unleashed on the Playstation Store

Today  Urban Trial Freestyle is available for PlayStation Network and PlayStation Vita now on the US PlayStation Store and will be available on the EU PlayStation Store beginning today February 20, 2013.  The game is available for US$/EUR€14.99 for PlayStation Network and US/EUR€ $9.99 for PS Vita.  In the UK, Urban Trial Freestyle is £11.99 for PlayStation Network and £7.99 for PS Vita.

Urban Trial Freestyle’s tracks are set across 45+ levels within five diverse cityscapes.  The Stunt Mode tests players’ performance skills for mastering special stunts, while Time Attack enforces a    no-speed limit challenge for players to cross the finish line as quickly as possible. As players progress, new tracks are unlocked, and custom motorbike parts, trophies and rider outfits become available.

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