Sony Strikes First Promoting Hardcore Gaming and Social Experiences…Microsoft Your Move

After all the tension building hype leading up to Sony’s big reveal and now with the smoke settled, we can safely say Sony has certainly played their cards right…..and then some. Leading up to this unknown agenda played Sony occasion, the net over the past several weeks has been running wild with speculative updates surrounding what moves Sony would ultimately make. The hottest item on the rumor ticket was of course whether Sony would in fact reveal their next-generation hardware, and they did…..sort of.

ps4-lead-440x270While Sony came to the stage with a disposition of supreme confidence, there was a laid back casual approach to the whole conference without the underlining smirk of arrogance which Sony has been accused of when entering this current generation of consoles. As though calmly sitting in their own living room space giving their friends and guests a first-hand look at the future, Sony’s message was crystal clear, Playstation is all about pushing gaming boundaries well beyond the norms of today’s standards and into the future of social connectivity.

Touching base on their new approach to social connectivity while not fully detailing all the key bullet points, updates on whether or not PSN will remain free with all of these cool new social additions was unconfirmed. Features such as the ability to spectate your friends games, share your best gameplay footage seamlessly with your friend while playing, or even allowing your friends online to take control of the game you’re playing to help assist you in those heated boss battles, all with the push of a share button.

Not spending too much time promoting Gaikai in demo form, in fact they only explained in summary how the tech would be integrated with the Playstation Network. The update certainly fueled the excitement of possibilities as Gaikai CEO confirmed that players will be able to stream and play full games across the Playstation library of titles including PS3 game, eliminating the concern for backwards compatibility. Also, adding that multiple devices such as tablets, computers and smartphones would essentially become Playstation ready with Gaikai.

ds4While Sony revealed the successor to the Dualshock 3 in the form of the new touchpad enabled Dualshock 4 controller, adding to the fact that the controller does come equipped with the same touchpad technology as the PS Vita, offers a sensory reader which feeds movement signal to a Kinect-like sensory bar, features a headset input and a more advanced rumble tech and let’s not forget the share option on the controller however, the true stars of the show were none other than the healthy dose of gaming option coming to the PS4.

Even though Sony did not reveal the actual console, they focused on giving viewers more of the meat instead of the silverware. First party developers such Guerrilla Games(Killzone: Shadow Fall), Sucker Punch (Second Son), Evolution (Drive Club) and even Media Molecule (Tech-demo) came to stage to reveal their PS4 offerings – followed by Sony’s developing partners in the form of  Capcom (Deep Down), Quantic Dream (Tech-Demo), Ubisoft (Watch Dogs), Square Enix (Last Years Final Fantasy Tech-Demo), and Blizzard (Diablo III for PS3 and PS4). Activision concluded the event by bringing developer BUNGIE to the stage to reveal ‘Destiny’ with the addition of announcing that both the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game will contain exclusive content. Of course we’ve known for quite some time that BUNGIE’s next title would be multiplatform however, the profound and unspoken statement was found in BUNGIE proudly standing on the Sony’s stage with all smiles.

There were no long grueling moments of reveals such as Wonderbook or lengthy talks about peripherals you don’t care about or unimportant and highly focused talks about how these new non-gaming applications will offer you a better entertainment experience. For the majority of the conference Sony catered their meeting to the hardcore gamer. Sure, Media Molecule gave an interesting and brief Playstation Move demonstration while the first game revealed entitled ‘Knack’ give you the warm fuzzies, Sony’s message was clear while obviously holding back much for their all important E3 2013 press conference.

Questions and concerns surrounding the PS Vita or PS3 price drop, what the actual PS4 console looks like, or will PSN remain free, etc, are all forgivable in light of how Sony positioned the event. Honestly, at this point I personally don’t care what the system looks like as long I can immerse myself in this bold new Playstation experience. Although, there is one question keeping me on the edge of my seat – how much will this new social gaming extravaganza put me back.

I guess we’ll have to wait until June when all these questions are hopefully answered.

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