GameReverb: 2/22 – Sony’s Playstation 4: A Serious Threat To Dominate The Next-Gen Playing Field

In this weeks episode of GameReverb we hope you are not anti-Playstation as we talk, Playstation, Playstation and more Playstation. As millions of you know Sony has let the cat out of the bag which resembles more of a Lion in the form of their upcoming new Playstation 4. Featuring amazing looking new software as well as their gamer-centric approach to social connectivity for the next generation of gaming.

In this Playstation 4 filled episode we discuss everything, from the hardware, developer relations, new controller and software to the strong Sony indie relations, Gaikai and the PS4’s new social network capabilities and features. We even brainstrom ways Microsoft could potentially counter Sony’s recent move, where their focus needs to be going into the next-gen forecast.

Will PSN trump Xbox Live next-gen, will Microsoft be too focused on other aspect of their new Xbox leaving gamers desperate for new and unique gaming content? All this and much more is discussed in this latest episode of GameReverb.

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