Our DESTINY Headquarters Is Now LIVE!

After receiving a list of exciting updates from Bungie concerning their new shooter followed by HALO our fans excited about this new and upcoming ambitious persistent FPS known as DESTINY which was recently announced for current and next-gen console, we decided to offer you your very own on DESTINY Headquarters where you’ll be equipped with the latest DESTINY updates every week found at [theguardiansofdestiny.com].

You and I, we are now Guardians living on planet Earth ever embraced by the Traveller who hovers above as we build our new civilization under the Travellers protection. Venturing out into the this new and partially destroyed Earth we the Guardians will uncover great mysteries of our planet and for some of us our new home.

destiny011Bungie has placed high expectations on themselves in preparation for what could be the next great thing in interactive entertainment with unlimited potential. We would like for you to join us at headquarters to share in on the DESTINY experience. Our DESTINY hub features a wealth on content from ‘The Guardian Radio’, Multimedia and Updates, to Links and a community drive Forum which is already in full swing.

Embrace your destiny and get to know your fellow Guardians.



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